Tuesday and Wednesday


Another lovely day on Tuesday. Warm and sunny.

Maya Rose had managed to get into one of the fields again. I have no idea how she does it, but I went around and checked all the fencing again, tightening (once again) the electric cable. Extra work finding her poo’s in the grass and fence checking!!

After sorting the animals, breakfast and showers and taking the dogs for a walk, we decided to go for a drive out towards the west to visit a nature reserve that we went to (accidentally) shortly after we arrived here on Faial. It was very sunny last time, but with chill winds. Tuesday was sunny and wind free and it was beautiful there.

Nature Reserve near Castelo Branco and Horta airport

The actual reserve is on the rock in the background, but there is a proper car park and even disabled access!!

I was able to walk up to the bit where the white rock meets the grass, but unfortunately slipped over on the way down again. No damage (apart from a grazed elbow), but dirty clothes. It is a lovely place and well worth a visit on a fine day.

On the way back to the house at Pedro Miguel, we stopped at Azul Pastel restaurant for lunch. Sue had a Sprite and a cheese and ham sandwich (actually a roll) and I had a baconburger. We shared a portion of chips. All very good food and served by a very pleasant young man. We were the only ones there on Tuesday at 14:00 hrs though.

Restauante Azul Pastel

By the time we arrived back in Pedro Miguel, it was almost time to do the animals again. No peace for the wicked!!


Early start as usual. Lots of cloud about and could not see Ilha do Pico (Pico Island), initially. It cleared a little later and was very warm while we were out dealing with the horses. Some different lights with the sun, which we could not actually see, reflecting off the water in the channel between the islands

Sun out of sight, but reflected off the sea

Maya Rose was once again in the meadow!! You can see her in the photo above. How frustrating this is getting. Sue and I both went around checking the fence and I found a slightly larger gap between two posts at the end. I inserted a new post to fill the gap and take up the slack. We’ll see in the morning 🙂

We decided to take a couple of photos of the hay nets and hay roll that sue does. Since we have been here, we have used 6 (I think) of these massive rolls. One per week.

Losing weight and gaining muscle, from all the hay nets and work


Big muscles!!

Last night (Tuesday), we had discussed going GeoCaching today. Unfortunately, by the time we had breakfasted and showered, it was raining again. I think the weather here is as unpredictable as the UK weather. The only difference is that it is a lot warmer in the winter here, I think. Day and night temperatures are only a couple of degrees different. At least we still have no wind today. Neither wind nor rain is forecast until Sunday, at the moment. Just goes to show that they are STILL useless at weather forecasting!!

As I write this blog (12:15 hrs on Tuesday), it has stopped raining and we may go out after lunch. We’ll see 🙂

We just (13:00 hrs) looked out of the window and the horses are chilling on the grass, with the chickens wandering around them 🙂

First three, then all four horses having a snooze 🙂

To be continued……

Thursday Morning (first thing)

We were looking out of the window while I was doing dinner last night and noticed Maya Rose acting suspiciously, so kept an eye on her. She went around the back of the field that she breaks into and wandered up and down the path for a few seconds. Next thing we saw, she pushed / forced her way under the electric fence and shot into the field and started eating the grass. She must be immune to the shock from the fence, but she really bolted under it so maybe she is timing it between shocks (the electric fences seem to pulse, rather than be a permanent charge). So now we know!!!


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