Saturday and Sunday in the Azores

We had a bit of anomaly on Saturday morning. The quad that I used on Friday evening had rolled a little down the hill and was resting on the very taut electric fence cable. I think the cable was the only thing that prevented it rolling further. There was horse poo INSIDE the small machine enclosure in the place where the quad is normally parked, so one of the horses had been in there. I have absolutely no idea what had happened overnight OR how a horse had got in the enclosure in the first place. As far as I can gather, I MUST have applied the handbrake as the quad is parked on an incline and would have rolled as soon I got off of it. I apply the handbrake and put it in neutral. So I think that a horse had got in and sprung the hand brake, which would be quite easy for it to do. But I cannot see how it got in OR out. By the time it was ready to come out, the quad was clearly resting on the electric cable (which was not turned on) and so taut with the weight, that I would doubt that a horse could squeeze under it and I could not see enough room around the sides of the supporting sticks. I guess it’s one of those things that we shall never know the answer to……..

We went shopping after breakfast, to Comiente in Horta. It is necessary to go at the end of the week as the ship comes in on a Wednesday, bringing food and groceries and the fruit and veg etc is old or sold by Monday. Of course, Sue needed to go clothes shopping as well, although nothing was purchased, just some time used up. So we retuned to the house for lunch and then took the dogs for a walk in the afternoon. Jack is now not allowed off of the lead, for reasons previously mentioned. He seems fine with that, although he does not actually have a choice in the matter.

In the evening Sue managed to stay awake until 21:00 hrs or so and then retired. So she did very well indeed, I thought.

We were up at 07:00s hr, as usual. Cup of coffee, a little FaceBook and down to sort the animals before 08:00 hrs. Maya Rose had managed to get under the live electric fence and into the bottom meadow. She was so stuffed that she was not bothered with the grass after her grain breakfast at all. I checked around the fence and could not find where / how she got in.

After a very restful morning, we got ready and went for lunch to Aldina’s restaurant on the other side of the island. We had the same as last week, which was very nice but not quite as nice as last week and a little salty for our taste. Very reasonable though. As next Sunday is our last, we think we will try somewhere different, for a change.

We came back to the house in time to feed the animals again and I set up the grass / electric cable for tomorrow and did a little training with the horses. Just simple stuff for a few minutes. I had put a barrier across the arena to keep the other horses is and was working with the foal (Bella) with “come”, “target” (she has to touch a cone to get a treat) and “back up”. Suddenly there was a sound of galloping / cantering and Maya Rose had worked out that she could get out of the far end of the arena and get in on the treats. I ducked into the feed store out of her way (she is a little dangerous and unpredictable), but she was fine and just went to her target when I told her too, for a treat. I did some more training IN the arena with Nina, Cassie and Bella but it got too much for me when Maya Rose arrived too. So I gave them all some treats and quit for the day. They were fine with that. Another very pleasant day in the Azores.

This four days without rain 🙂 Also, no rain predicted (at the moment) at least until after Friday!!! WooHoo!!


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