Heavy Overnight Rain

More heavy rain and high winds in the night here (for a change). There will be no early dawn as the clouds are dark and low, as I write at 07:19 and it’s still dark with just a hint of a breaking day. We can always tell when there is heavy rainfall, as part of the horse training arena has a large puddle and the wheelbarrow is extremely difficult to push through the mud on the paths around the land.

It was a very nice, sunny and warm day after all. One of the few days that I did not wear a fleece or other jacket to do the horses this evening.

We went to Porto Pim, near Horta, after breakfast, to see the aquarium and historical centre.

Before going into the aquarium etc, we stopped at a cafe in Porto Pim for a coffee and a cake each. The coffee (in our opinion) is not as good as our (my) favourite cafe in Horta (although the proprietor maintained it is the best on the island. It was also about 1/3 more expensive for 2 coffees and cakes. €4.90. The same deal in my favourite cafe (do not know the name of it), is usually €3.40 ish

A very interesting aquarium visit after the coffees. The aquarium is not a “normal” aquarium, in that it is purely for the quarantine of fish that have been captured and are going to be sent on to other aquariums. Apparently, there are times when there are few or no fish at all. We managed to see various types of fish today, including some sharks and scorpion fish.

There was an interesting video in the historical centre about the Dabney family. He was an American Diplomat who, it sounds to me like, may have exploited the island and it’s resources. But the locals love him as he also did quite a lot of good here. Particularly during the potato famine, when he arrange for foodstuffs to be delivered from the Americas. It did not mention if these foodstuffs were donated free or charged for, but he used his own ships.

The Dabneys left the island when America (as far as I can gather from the video) clamped down on it’s foreign agents profiteering activities.

After our aquarium visit, we ere walking back to the car via a path with an adjacent stone wall, where we noticed that there were very many lizards basking in the sun. There were so many, that it was like a wave, with the lizards moving into the cracks as we passed and then out again afterwards. In the photo below, the wall is on the right and stretches as far as can be seen. There were literally hundreds of lizards!!


We returned to the house for lunch and I took the 3 dogs out for a nice sunny walk later, on the “red” track. A dirt track that is simply red in colour.

It was such a nice day, that even doing the horses (poo picking and changing the electric fence around, ready for tomorrow and putting out hay nets, was very pleasant and I was just in a t-shirt!! Well, trousers etc too, of course 🙂



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