Another Sunny(ish) day in the Azores, a Volcano finally viewed and a chicken demise

The alarm goes off at 07:00 hrs and it is already getting light now at that time. We are one hour BEHIND the UK.


07:05 hrs from the porch

Sue took this photo, when she eventually got out of bed today (around 07:15 🙂

It started out as a lovely clear day while we were “doing” the horses and other livestock. “Let’s go to the volcano (vulcão in Portuguese), if  the sky is clear enough” said Sue. We went a week or so ago and it was so cloudy and cold and wet, we could hardly see the road, let alone look into the bowl of the volcano (called “Caldeira” – “Boiler” in English, apparently). So with the animals all fed and our breakfast and showers completed, we headed off towards the Caldeira in Alan’s Toyota truck.

It’s a lovely drive up there. Mostly good roads all the way to the rim of the volcano. What a fantastic place!!! The views inside the bowl were spasmodic as the clouds rolled across the rim and dropped into the bowl, but the floor of the bowl, with the lake and shrubs and the smaller foliage items was amazing when it became visible.

The lake inside the volcano bowl

It was VERY cold on the rim of the volcano, so we were frozen by the time we got back to the car. We went on into Horta for a coffee and a cake and then a walk around the harbour and Marina. Bearing in mind that the Azores are literally in the mid Atlantic, lot’s and lot’s of sail boats come through here. It is traditional for people to paint a reminder “poster” within the marina area here:

Harbour / Marina in Horta, showing the posters created by passing sailboat crews

You can see the posters all around the walls and floor of the area above.

We returned back to Pedro Miguel for lunch and we noticed that Jack the puppy was eating something outside on the grass. When I investigated, it seemed to be part of a bird (lots of feathers and flesh) that had been regurgitated by (I guessed) one of the dogs. I cleared that up into a bag and went to throw the bag into the rubbish bin in the utility room. Looking out of the back door glass, I saw that it had been a bird, but it was one of the chickens (a Cuckoo Maran, in fact) that Jack had killed and eaten a good deal of. Messy to say the least and not a pleasant way to go for the chicken. I have no idea why it would suddenly decide to fly over the dog proof fence and enter the garden / dog area, but it was the last mistake for this poor chicken…… No photos of the bird as it was too gruesome, but:-

Guilty, M’lud!!

We went out to do the animals and the horses were galloping around the area. We have no idea what happened, but they were up and down the paths, apparently chasing one another, with their tails up in the air and skidding to a halt in various places, then galloping off again and skidding again. They have made a proper mess of the grass area for today, because of the skidding.

It tried to rain while we were feeding and poop scooping the horses. For some reason, three of them came and stood beside me while I was moving the electric fence in preparation for tomorrow. There was some definitely strange behaviour tonight.

Everything (including us) is fed and watered and tucked up for the night as I write this. There is a little more room on the chicken perches, but I guess they won’t notice. I still cannot think what possessed the chicken to come into the dog area….

Hasta manaña

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