Another lovely day in the Azores

What a great day here. It’s been warm and sunny for most of the day and is still very pleasant while I write this @ 17:43 hrs (local time).


Dawn over Pico Island, Azores, Portugal

We went down to sort the horses, as usual at 08:00 hrs and I did not take my wind / waterproof jacket. Only about the second time since we arrived here, this was.

After sorting the feeding, we had breakfast, a little FaceBooking and then we decided that instead of shopping or cleaning, we would get out into the lovely warm sun.

The horses have a large water trough. I guess it is about 1.5 mtrs diameter and 1 metre deep and Sue said that she wanted to clean it today. Well, she meant that she want us BOTH to clean it today. So we syphoned out the water first of all. This has to be done through a net as there are small fish in the tank in order that the mosquito larvae do not survive if eggs are laid in the water. I was scrubbing the walls as the water went down and Sue was directing operations and holding the net over the bucket (waiting for the fish).

So I guess the tank must have taken an hour or so to empty, clean and refill with Bella’s help. She is such  lovely, inquisitive foal 🙂

Then I got the quad out. I was a bit dubious about doing this at first as I have never driven a quad before. It is necessary to drive the quad around the tracks, dragging a heavy scarifier behind. This rakes the soil where the horses run around and dig it up with their hooves. I just put it in “low” and plod around and around the site a few times. It makes it a LOT easier when poo picking as I don’t have to dig the dottles out of hoof prints 🙂 I quite enjoy this task now that I know the quad is not going to turn over on the side slopes. It is very satisfying to see how “tidy” the place looks when I have completed the task.

Quad work. Scarifying the paths

We are gonna have an egg and cheese salad for dinner, so I am gonna have a read before I start that task 🙂

Have a good evening

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