A Great Day Out with the Harriers and Dogs

Three of us (Bella, Trixie and I) went out with the “Axarquia Hash House Harriers” (www.AH3.es) today. I took Trixie for a number of reasons.

1) I did not know what she would be like if I left her at home on her own and did not want to undo all the good work she has put in so far
2) She gets very car sick, so I need to acclimatise her
3) She is nervous of just about everything in the world, so I need to acclimatise her.

This was an opportunity to help with all of her issues in one go.
As usual (and as I am coming to expect) she coped admirably with everything that was thrown at her today.

She was very car sick on the way to Vinuela, despite me driving at about 40 KPH all the way. So she lost her breakfast.
We were very very early as I allowed lots of time for me to find the place and for Trixie to recover from her Mal de Mer. I used be get travel sick until only a few years ago, so I know how terrible it is to have.

Bella was allowed off lead (as usual) once we got away from the road, but as I cannot rely on Trixie to “come”, she was on an extending 5 mtr lead all afternoon.
She was the perfect lady. She hardly pulled and was watching me when something happened, presumably to see what MY reaction was. She is a bit “all over the place” on the lead. She goes ahead, then drops back and goes behind and forward again. So I was continually changing hands behind my back, but hey, if that was the only issue with her on lead??? Who cares?

She got hot (it was about 26 degrees and almost no shade). Both dogs got hot. I carried 3 litres of water (with ice cubes in), so I doused both dogs neck and chest a few times. Bella laid down in a mud pool for a bit to cool, but she has trouble keeping cool due to having part of her tongue removed. So I expect that when we find water, she will use it to best advantage.
Trixie was constantly checking in with me, despite still being very nervous of me. I bent down to give her a quick stroke at one point and she ran away. Maybe I startled her?

We walked 8.7 Kms today in blazing heat and she did really well. Started tagging along behind a bit near the end, but she may have been working in my shadow. Not sure?

We all went for a meal after the walk and I took both dogs with me. They both lay down and chilled during the meal. There were about 6 – 10 dogs on todays walk and I saw some of them “mumping” and being fed from the table. Both Bella and Trixie laid down and did not “mump” at all. Neither did they get any food. Trixie got up a couple of times and started to sniff around for something from me and others, but I made an “uh uh” noise and she lay back down again. There was a big dog right next to her that was being fed slices of pizza from the table and either she did not realise, or she ignored it. They were both very well behaved and I was proud of them both.

The journey home was not good for Trixie, but I drove very slow and she did not complain. There was not such a mess on the way home, but her stomach was mostly empty, although I did give her some treats (food) at the beer stop and again at the end.
Some people (not many) came to pet her during the day, and (despite her nervousness) she was fine with that. She got on well with the other dogs, mostly ignoring them, but catching a sneaky sniff now and again, I noticed smile emoticon
SO, in conclusion. A VERY successful day for Trixie who is coming on in leaps and bounds. Everyone loved her and a few people commented on how sweet she was and well behaved. I pointed out that this was only her second time on the lead and her second outing in public.

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